Ogor content after meal, astounds tribemates

After months of gorging, Ooglak Big Gullet has finally achieved the dream of all ogors; he has achieved a feeling of fullness.

“It was weird,” says tribemate Dugdug. “He was eating like all the rest of us, chomping down meat, when he just stopped, dabbed his mouth with some white fabric, and left. I’d never seen anything like it”

The consequences of this event have had ramifications all throughout Ogor society, which has always been built on the concept of endless hunger. The Butchers, priests of Ogor-kind, have labelled Ooglak a heretic, and an enemy of the Gulping God, a status with which he strongly disagrees.

“Look, I didn’t ask to be full” explained Ooglak, while enjoying a light snack of crackers and cheese. “It just sort of happened and honestly I’m glad it did. I’m a child of the Gulping God like any other ogor, I just express my worship in other ways.”

Ooglak has spent the time he would have otherwise spent stuffing his mouth pursuing a variety of hobbies, such as knitting and oil painting. His work creating a large cauldron-cosy for the tribe’s Mawpot has been described as both ‘impressive’ and ‘tasteful’.

For other ogors out there wanting to follow in his footsteps, Ooglak had this to say:

“Don’t worry about what society perceives you as. They might call you an Ogor Glutton, but that doesn’t define who you are. You’re you, and that’s enough for the Gulping God.”

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