New legislation requires Fyreslayers to wear pants

Breaking centuries of tradition, the Azyr High Council has decreed that all Fyreslayer Lodges must require their members to wear pants, trousers, or similar legwear. This has faced a fierce backlash from the Fyreslayers themselves, who insist it cuts the core of their identity.

We spoke to Kyl Dukaf, a local Runefather;

“It’s utterly ridiculous. My pappy never wore pants, and neither did his pappy afore him! And by Grimnir’s beard I’ll be damned if I see my son wearing them!”

The Azyr High Council has insisted that its decision was made for the good of the realms. 

“The Council recognises that the avoidance of trousers is a cultural touchstone for the Fyreslayers, but they are the only race in the Realms to disdain their wear. Even Ogors wear them daily. It is for the good of public decency we have had to mandate their wear.”

This comparison to the Mawtribes has only served to further anger the Fyreslayers, and there is already talk of a ‘War of the Trousers’ looming on the horizon. Concessions for the Fyreslayers to instead wear very short trousers, or ‘hot pants’, have been proposed by the Council, and are being considered by the Lodges.

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