Nagash declares realms-wide holiday, demands consumption of confectionery

After a period of dormancy from the Great Necromancer, Nagash has declared the 31st day of the 10th month to be known as ‘Nagash Day’. Furthermore he has mandated all creatures, whether they be dead or pre-dead, to celebrate through the sharing of sweets and performance of frivolities.

This move has taken many by surprise due to Nagash’s sombre and serious reputation, and has been compounded by the ever more outlandish requirements being issued from Nagashizzar. These include the requirements to wear costumes at all times, to patrol the neighbourhood knocking on neighbour’s front doors, and the mandatory worship of pumpkins. (Editor’s Note: A further clarification has been provided that these pumpkins should have Nagash’s face carved into them or ‘another similarly ghastly visage’.)

Nagash’s spokesperson Arkhan the Black has been avoiding reporters, giving only a short press conference to state that ‘The Lord Nagash moves in mysterious ways, and the Mortal Realms would do well to follow their god’s decree’. 

Regardless of the reason, or lack thereof, behind Nagash’s decision the Azyr Weekly has decided it is in the best interest of its readers to follow suit, and wishes all of you a very happy Nagash Day.

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