Deepkin discover jazz, unlimited source of soul

Sudden drops in Deepkin raids have been linked back to the hidden Idoneth enclave of [Redacted], where the local Soulscryers have discovered an unlimited source of soul; Smooth Jazz.

“It was quite by accident,” explained [Redacted]. “[Redacted] was playing on her saxophone, as she normally does, when [Redacted] joined in on his piano. After a bit of riffing we started to notice a strange energy congealing in the air which, we later found out, was pure soul.”

Idoneth scholars have confirmed that this new soul works just as well as conventional souls, potentially spelling an end to their long-standing practice of stealing spirit-energy from land-dwellers.

The discovery of what is now called jazz music, deriving from an Idoneth term for [redacted], has affected more than just the Deepkin. It has had a significant impact on the Soul Wars, with both Sigmar and Nagash now investing heavily in their musical assets. Kurdos Valentin, now known as the Jiving King, has seen his fortunes rise markedly as a result.

Perhaps because of this increasing commodification, some scholars are concerned that jazz will soon ‘lost its soul’. The Idoneth are currently hard at work developing new strains of the technique, with early studies focusing on playing music while on a boat at sea. Although this technique adds a powerful ‘rocking and rolling’ feel to the music, there are worrying reports that it encourages disobedience in children. More research has been ordered.

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