Daughters of Khaine protest anti-murder laws, claim discrimination

New laws passed in the city of Olheim continue to spur debate, with the loudest protests coming from the Daughters of Khaine. Their temples claim that the new legal code, which abolishes murder, restricts their right to practice their religion.

“We’re Khainites,” exclaimed Sar Ra’ob, a local Slaughter Queen. “If we’re not murderers, we’re nothing. He’s the Bloody-Handed God for goodness sake, not the Fluffy-Handed God.”

The city’s governing council have been in week-long meetings with Sar Ra’ob and her acolytes in an attempt to come to an agreement. The local wych cults run the Bloodied Cup Stadium, a significant tourist attraction and revenue earner, and their departure could have disastrous effects on Olheim.

As this issue goes to print there are reports that progress is being made. The Olheim council is looking at an amendment to the law that defines murder as a ‘pre-meditated act’. The Azyr Weekly understands that this will allow sufficiently frenzied wyches to face the much less serious charge of ‘random acts of violence’ in court, a change supported by the local wych temples. We will give you more updates as they happen.

Addendum: A councillor has just pointed out that recent law changes have classified the wychs’ traditional attire as ‘an act of public indecency’. The council are now attempting to backtrack the murder-liberalisation ammendments while Sar Ra’ob has ordered an express shipment of skinning knives.

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