Slaaneshi daemons realise they haven’t been paid in centuries

The Realm of Chaos has seen increasing numbers of protests in the past two weeks as Slaaneshi daemons realise that they have been working without pay for hundreds of years.

Headed by the Coalition for Hedonistic Entities, a union representing most of the Slaaneshi workforce, all manner of daemonettes, fiends, and even Keepers of Secrets have been refusing to work.  We spoke with Tenmaw the Slippery, an Exalted Spokesperson for the union.

“When we were birthed by the Dark Prince we were promised certain things,” confirmed Tenmaw. “An eternity of infernal pleasure, the souls of the damned and depraved, and a salary pinned 6.9% higher than the living wage. To put it simply, they have not delivered on their word.”

The executive daemons in the Slaaneshi hierarchy have been hard-pressed to continue their day-to-day business, relying on workers lent by the other gods. Despite some early success with the use of Plaguebearers, owing to their excessive stench, insiders have reported a coming crisis in the delivery of excess-based services.

The protestors themselves have been finding it difficult, as they refrain from all unpaid acts of excess and pleasure. Most daemonettes have passed the time drinking unflavoured mineral water and playing checkers.

The most recent news from the Realm of Chaos has indicated that the Coalition is currently considering an offer by the executive daemons. Although it doesn’t guarantee a reinstatement of pay it, does promise the creation of a stream-lined promotion system, an increase in the yearly ‘Whip Allowance’, and the introduction of Casual Fridays.

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