Hammers of Sigmar invert colours, experience exceeding righteousness

Vandus Hammerhand, Lord-Celestant of the Hammers of Sigmar, has ordered the stormhost to invert their traditional colours. They now stand clad in a vibrant blue, trimmed with a brilliant gold.

‘It came to me in a dream,’ Lord Vandus explained, a reference to his famed prognostications. ‘I saw a giant man with a golden halo, and he showed me a new vision for my Stormcast. As soon as I woke I set about putting the changes into place.’

Few can dispute that a significant change has now come over the stormhost. Already some of Sigmar’s favoured children, their exploits have led them to dizzying new heights of success. Their armourers have developed powerful new crossbows for them to wield in battle, and they are rumoured to no longer know any fear.

Some observers have expressed doubt about these changes however, warning of a potentially corrupting influence. They point to the stormhost’s increasingly aggressive stance towards non-humans, growing emotional distance from mortals, and glowing red eyes. Some even whisper that they have begun to forsake Sigmar, instead pledging devotion to a mysterious ‘Emperor’.

At last report Vandus had retired to his chambers, pledging to write a mighty tome enshrining all the hard-won collected knowledge of the Realmgate Wars. He has proposed calling it the Battletome Astartes, or ‘something like that’.

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