Clanrat craves friendship, immediately ostracised

In a move both unexpected and inexplicable Skabba the Insolent has declared his desire to maintain a friendly, companionable relationship.

“Fangleader want me dead-slain for saying this, but I cannot lie-hide. Skabba want-needs a hug-hug.”

Despite hailing from a race infamous for their duplicitous ways, there are some who believe and support Skabba in his quest for friendship.

“What we have in Skabba is likely somewhat similar to what you’d see in a human Chaos cultist,” explains Ritch Hearty, a local Skaven expert. “It’s a sense of rebellion against the norm, and trying to define yourself in opposition to authority figures. I imagine he’s being quite sincere”

Nevertheless this has not prevented his widespread ostracising from civilised society, with old prejudices running deep in the Azyr populace.

A happy ending however for Skabba, who has reportedly befriended a local Gor (See our story on 12 June earlier this year). Mutual friends have described a blossoming relationship between the two, who have been bonding over their shared history of pillaging the Mortal Realms and distaste for fleas.

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