BREAKING NEWS: Katakros miscalculates tithe, issues refunds

Despite managing the Bone Tithe for centuries it appears that even Katakros, the Mortarch of the Necropolis, can still make mistakes.

The Bone Tithe must be paid” explained Katakros, “But due to bone inflation, some towns may have paid too much.”

This has begun a flurry of activity within Shyish as hamlets and cities alike hire accountants to work through their past tithes, and whether they are due a Bone Refund.

“Honestly, we’re not sure what we’ll do if we get some bones back,” admitted a local mayor. “But we may as well see if we’re eligible. The dogs might enjoy it.”

For those towns that think they might be due a refund, Katakros has advised that they should submit their skull returns to Nagashizzar and they will be visited by the Ossiarch Bonereapers shortly.

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