Nagash triumphs over Nagash

In what is being reported as the battle of the century Nagash, the Supreme Necromancer, has defeated Nagash, the Undying King.

The battle took place on the Plains of Ebon Tears, north of Harrowton. It began when Nagash the Supreme Necromancer (clothed in a dark lilac) was observing a parade in his honour by the local Wight King, Tumothy the Lender. Soon after the parade began Nagash was set upon by Nagash the Undying King (clothed in a deep violet) who had been taking a stroll through his domain.

Although the battle utterly destroyed the town of Harrowton, Nagash was able to emerge triumphant. The following statement was issued by a surviving pair of Arkhan the Blacks, spokesmen to Nagash;

‘We are pleased to announce the continued dominion of Nagash, the Supreme Necromancer. Despite efforts to the contrary, Death remains the only constant in the Mortal Realms.’

The Undying King has not rested on his laurels however and was quickly on the move, responding to increased sightings of Nagash, the Lord of Bones (clothed in a murky lavender) patrolling the walls of Nagashizzar.

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