Great Unclean One caught in storm, now just Great One

Heavy showers near the town of Olmug have rendered one of Nurgle’s favoured children into a shadow of their former selves.

Suk’sloil the Immense was leading a daemonic raid on the town when the storm began;

“One minute I was having the time of my life, spreading plague and destroying the Grandfather’s enemies. The next my wondrous filth is being flensed from me by a pesky raincloud!’

Suk’sloil is finding it difficult to adjust to his new life, losing contact with many of his old friends and workmates. He has also endured taunting from his Nurgling attendants who have taken to buying him cases of air freshener and referring to him as ‘Squeaky’.

Despite this hardship, the Greater Daemon has received some offers of help, many from unexpected quarters.

‘Yeah, I’ve actually been approached by some daemons of Tzeentch, which is surprising. But with the way my old friends have treated me, maybe it is time for Change’.

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