Records found of lost goblet-worshipping civilisation

Archaeological expeditions in the Realm of Life have turned up exciting evidence of a long-lost civilisation, potentially pre-dating the coming of Sigmar.

Described as half man, half horse, the evidence suggests a civilisation centered around a hierarchical system of government obsessed with obtaining goblets.

“It’s true.” confirmed Head Archaeologist, Martin l’Pelle. “Most of the items we’ve been able to find; scraps of clothing, tapestries and the like, have been inscribed with symbols of cups and other vessels. They appear to have been sought by high ranking members of this society, who could obtain them from an individual we think was called ‘The Wet Woman’. Whether this was a sustainable system of government, it’s hard to say”

Excavations are continuing, despite increasing raids from a nearby ghoul colony. Questioned about the flesh-eaters Martin l’Pelle was dismissive of any connection.

“The idea that the ghouls are related to our discovery is laughable. The possibility that this noble civilisation devolved into ghouls and other creatures of the night is vanishingly unlikely”

The local Ghoul King, Teknanag the Grail-Seeker, has been approached for comment.

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