Sylvaneth seek military edge, deploy dragon

After being on the backfoot for the past few years, the Sylvaneth wargroves have grown sick and tired of being the underdogs. To this end, and while enviously eying the armies of the Stormcast Eternals, the forest spirits have reached back into their ancestral memories and summoned a dragon of their own.

“We are conscious that many enemies, and friends, will be cowering in fear at the sight of the mighty Forest Dragon,” stated Alarielle at a press conference announcing the move. “Please be assured that this is the intended effect.”

The most ancient and wizened of souls are thrilled at the return of the fearsome beast, excitedly sharing faint memories of the World-That-Was with all those that will listen. To hear them speak is to hear of a time when dragons had real character, and armies took to the field in serried ranks with banners fluttering in the wind. A wonderous time, long since past.

To others however, the dragon looks like a green worm with wings. In hushed tones they wonder how the dragon’s abnormally large head was held aloft by its spindly neck, and postulate how its narrow torso could hold more than a single organ. 

Nevertheless, the nay-sayers have had little impact and the wargroves continue to lobby the Everqueen for permission to borrow the dragon. Reportedly this is more due to the fun Tree-Revenants are having soaring over the treetops than any military advantage they might be receiving, but the Sylvaneth are taking all the wins they can get.

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