Builders sued after failing to provide single complete building

After years of letters, threats, and one brief case of military action, the Grand Conclave of Excelsis is taking the Ghurish Builder’s Guild to court after their continued failure to build anything except for half-finished ruins.

The decision reflects the mood of the denizens of Ghur, who for a long time have had to squat in half-completed buildings or crumbling edifices. One mother of three two advised our reporter that the utter lack of roofs had allowed one of her children to be carried off by an enterprising draconith. “We’re good, Sigmar-fearing folk,” claimed the woman. “Why aren’t we allowed floors?”

The Builder’s Guild is unrepentant, and has confirmed their intention to continue building half-structures into the far future. An inside source indicates that the core reason for the decision is an aesthetic choice by their guildmaster, who believes that fully complete buildings don’t properly reflect life in the war-torn Realms. We submitted several questions to the Guild, including whether they felt that a lack of livable homes was driving the population to Chaos worship. They have so far yet to comment.

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