Local aelf unclear as to moral alignment

The day has been a tough one for Idoneth aelf Luthan Clearwater as she ponders her place in the Mortal Realms, and whether she might be one of the baddies.

On the one hand, proposes the aelf, her people definitely fight against the forces of Chaos, Death and Destruction. They live in an ordered society, engage in good-faith diplomacy with other political factions, and keep the use of spikes in their decor to a minimum. In their ideal world, there would be peace and at least some level of freedom.

On the other hand, they do literally steal souls from innocent villagers. Luthan believes that this ultimately serves a greater good, since aelves use the souls better than any human could, but is starting to think that others might not see it that way. The practice of carving runes of domination and control into the flesh of sea creatures initially had her worried, but surely that isn’t any different to how other civilisations treat their own livestock.

On reflection, Luthan did come to the conclusion that the Idoneth Deepkin are a force of good in the Realms and set her mind at ease. This was particularly good news for her Namarti slaves, who were concerned at being beaten again if she got into a bad mood.

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