Rebel Fyreslayer removes mohawk

The Fyreslayers are well known for their traditional, tight-knit communities. It perhaps came as a surprise to his lodge then when Gunkar Magmaslurper decided to ‘stick it to the forgefather’ and shave off his traditional mohawk.

“I just needed to express myself, and Grimnir knows the lodges don’t allow a lot of room for that. So after a lot of thought I decided this was the best way forward. And by the ur-gold I feel fantastic!”

Speaking with Gunkar’s friends and family the sense of shock is palpable, with many not understanding his motivations. Some are questioning why he didn’t follow the traditional path of a Fyreslayer in crisis and purchase an especially ostentatious axe. His father in particular, Duntahn Magmaslurper, is lamenting the loss of a proud family tradition of resplendent mohawks. 

On top of this, Gunkar’s actions have potentially sparked a craze within the Fyreslayer community. We have heard reports of several young Fyreslayers shaving their heads, loitering around Zharrgrim temples, and listening to fine orchestral music in their spare time. This new sub-culture, named Gunk in honour of its first practitioner, has been received with trepidation by the Fyreslayer elders, who are concerned that it may lead to a downturn in violence in the youth.

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