Namarti morale boosted after troops issued longer swords

In a masterstroke that addresses both military effectiveness and cultural morale, the rulers of the Idoneth Deepkin have issued Namarti Thralls with weapons carrying significantly more reach than they had previously enjoyed.

“I gotta tell you, this is pretty terrific,” admitted a Thrall we approached for comment, testing their weapon in the training grounds. “It’s about time those Auralan Wardens got their comeuppance.”

The change comes in response to long-standing complaints from Deepkin generals, who were concerned that their Thralls were not able to effectively utilise their weapons in combat. Criticism of the new weapons has been minor, and mostly sourced from Deepkin with investments in Fangmora Eel farms.

Attention now shifts to the Akhelian, who have demanded similar attention. Development on the concept of ‘long sharks’ continues apace, but has yet to produce viable results.

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