Public urges dragon-use be declared a war crime

Controversy in Azyr today as Sigmar is flooded with pleas to outlaw the use of dragons in his armies, with petitioners citing the horrendous damage they inflict on the battlefield.

Sigmar has refused to entertain the requests, insisting that he has already moderated their use and there is no need to go any further. Supporters of the Dracronith have suggested that perceptions of the dragons’ power have been distorted by propaganda circulating amongst the Realms’ commentators and taste-makers, an accusation refuted by many.

Left to their own devices, some generals have begun debating how to limit the use of dragons by themselves. This has hit significant snags, with Nagash refusing to stop use of his own Zombie Dragons and the Seraphon airing concerns of a slippery slope that might occur with the banning of giant, vicious lizards. While some have insisted that the ban needn’t move beyond the Draconith of Azyr, this has not stopped others from hitching their own desires to the movement.

Veterans have urged calm, suggesting that this is simply part and parcel of life in the Mortal Realms and that generals might spend their time more usefully with a cup of tea and a good book. Where this advice leaves those in the thick of the fighting remains to be seen.

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