Adversies in disagreement over objectives

A tale as old as time is playing out in the plains of Ghur today as two warlords stand in staunch opposition as to what their goals are in their upcoming battle, and how they might identify the actual victor.

Reginald the Oblique, notorious Freeguild general, has insisted that the fight centre around six objectives, set in two sets of three against each army’s area of deployment. The general has also suggested that each objective may be destroyed in order to yield extra strategic value, though the practicalities of this have yet to be established. 

His rival, famed Ossiarch strategist Klarak the Kneetaker, has refused his terms. She has pointed out subsections snuck into the contract meaning that the basic rank-and-file will take precedence when considering control of vital battlefield points. Pointing out that the Freeguild greatly outnumber her own Mortek, she sees this as an unfair advantage. She instead recommends fighting over the centre of the battlefield where her force’s resilience can prove decisive.

The deadlock seems likely to continue, with no end in sight. A rare hope of a solution occurred when a passerby suggested that the battle’s goals be decided randomly just before the fight was due to begin, but this has only served to open a third front in the discussion and has helped nobody.

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