Innocent but smelly individual conscripted into Blightking ranks

Humiliation amongst the Blightkings today as it is revealed that Sumpson Rottoe is not a sworn worshiper of the Plague God, but instead a particularly odorous individual who got press-ganged by accident.

“I was just sitting outside my farm house playing a game of Battlesword when they came,” Rottoe confided exclusively to the Azyr Weekly from a safe distance. “A column of the fellows came marching up, gave me a sniff, and started burbling at me. I didn’t know what was going on, so I just nodded and grunted back. Next thing I know they were tossing me spare bits of armour and pulling me into line with them. It was all downhill from there really.”

This is not an uncommon experience amongst the Plague Legions, according to experts, with many worshippers rendered blind by disease or particularly aggressive flies. For individuals not wishing to be conscripted into the Bubonic Battalions, the Order of Azyr recommends regular bathing and the wearing of anti-odour liquids purchasable from your local apothecary.

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