Blightlords, Blightkings clash over unclear ranks

Confusion reigns in Nurgle’s Garden today as foot soldiers and generals alike clash in a war of words to untangle what has become a fundamentally unintuitive hierarchy.

The issue was first raised by the Blightkings, who felt that their title put them on at least equal footing to the Blightlords, if not higher, and thus deserved an increased mucus ration. This was resisted by the Blightlords, whose numbers are formed solely of veteran Blightkings and see themselves as being above their compatriots. A nearby Lord of Blights attempted to solve the dilemma, but instead found themselves fending off Blightlords who saw themselves as being on equal standing.

This in-fighting has drawn the attention of Grandfather Nurgle himself, who has gathered a stinkmoot of his favoured Great Unclean Ones to solve the issue. Suggestions have included demoting the Blightkings to Blightdukes, issuing Blightlords with staggeringly large and authoritative hats, and flattening the hierarchy to form a sort of choleric commune. All agree that it is imperative to avoid the ‘Skullblood Syndrome’ suffered by Khorne’s legions, whose ranks remain all but indistinguishable to an outside eye.

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