Generals, monsters overwhelmed by new options

Discord in the mess halls and dank caves of the Mortal Realms as warlords and abominations alike digest the news out of Azyrheim regarding their new roles on the battlefield.

Sigmar has issued advance warning of his upcoming proclamations, indicating that heroes and monsters will be wielding increased responsibility on the battlefield. Several new options have become available to them, including the resurrection of dead warriors and the ability to yell really loudly, a technique being referred to as a ‘roar’.

“Big news need big think,” confirmed Gurg Bigbrain, local gargant. “Can now step on little people, not just kick. Need to think.”

Commentators have expressed concern for what this might mean for the length of battles, which may be extended due to the extra time taken for the combatants to think through their options. Rumours of restrictive formations have added to these worries, and some factions have begun issuing clocks to their generals to ensure battles are kept to schedule.

Sigmar has dismissed these concerns, explaining that he plans to issue every warrior a gun when the changes are made. This will ensure that armies are decimated in record time, meaning a general can get through several in an afternoon. The rank and file seem unimpressed with the suggestion, but have agreed to see how it goes.

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