Archaon not feeling needed, takes holiday

After ages of eternal war‌ and conquest the Grand Marshal of the Apocalypse is taking the chance to have a well-deserved break.

“The Everchosen has put in the hard yards in recent aeons,” explained his Exalted Spokesdaemon. “It’s only reasonable that he takes a little holiday while the cretins of the Realms fight amongst themselves.”

Archaon’s vacation has not been well received by the forces of Chaos, with the disciples of Tzeentch in particular making their upset known. Many Tzeentchian forces had been counting on the support of Archaon in their upcoming battles, and his absence will force them to rely on their traditional mainstays of Pink Horrors and Flamers. Their situation has not elicited much sympathy from their rivals.

Some in the Varanspire have expressed concern that Archaon’s absence may embolden his arch-rival Be’lakor to make an attempt at the throne. The Everchosen is reportedly nonchalant about the situation, pointing out Be’lakor’s most recent plot was foiled when a white-haired duardin looked at him funny.

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