Swamps swarmed by seers, soothsayers

Since the Age of Myth rickety towers and caravans have been the traditional dens of the fortune teller. However times have changed, and we are receiving reports that the humble bog has become the centre of interest for many seers.

“Something’s going on in there,” explained local prognosticator Vink ven’Trell. “Can’t you feel it?”

Some have claimed to be able to interpret the swirling mists, predicting the imminent return of the nigh-mythical Fimir. Others have pushed back, claiming that the fens herald the arrival of a tribe of weedy orruks (or large grots depending on who you ask). A fringe group declaring the re-emergence of Chaos-worshipping Duardin were found to have been receiving funding from local haberdashers.

Despite the differing views a couple of shared assumptions are beginning to form. The first is that the portents herald a new Greenskin faction to challenge the Forces of Order, and the second is that they will likely be “awesome”. Proponents of the second opinion can expect a visit by the Order of Azyr within the next five working days.

One thought on “Swamps swarmed by seers, soothsayers

  1. I can’t say what I reckon they will be but I feel like with their discovery the way we wage war will change drastically


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