Ethereal ghosts prove vulnerable to pointy sticks

Long considered an urban legend and metaphysical impossibility, studies out of the Azyrite Spectral Collapsing Society have just confirmed the impossible: Ghosts can be banished by stabbing them with pointy sticks.

“It just didn’t seem possible,” explained lead collapser Petrina Krink. “Ghosts are famously immaterial, and can pass through any solid matter. But the more we studied and the more ghosts we poked… We had to accept that we might be onto something.”

Explanations for this phenomena are rife within the institutions of Azyr, though none of them have been judged as particularly convincing. Some suggest that ghosts have a deep and abiding memory of being stabbed with sticks, and instinctively disapparate when attacked with one. Others propose that it’s the stabber’s belief in the ghost’s imminent demise that cuts their link to the Mortal Realms. Some fringe theorists are convinced that it’s part of some cosmic balance, to ensure no class of entity has total power over the others.

The ASCS want to urge readers not to try this themselves, as even the sharpest sticks require a highly trained hand to properly banish spectres. In fact they suggest that citizens refrain from attempting to collapse ghosts entirely, even if it does make them feel good.

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