Slaanesh ready for image rebrand

Decades in the making, the long awaited refresh of the Dark Prince’s aesthetic is due to hit within the next month. We spoke with Slythyslyth, Exalted Spokesdaemon, about the reasons behind the new look.

“Well, for a very long time when people thought of Slaanesh the brand, the first thing that came to mind were what we call the three Ts: Tongues, Tits, and Turgid members. And that’s such a tiny part of what we do here. We’re hoping to expand our image into all areas of excess and obsession, and really broaden our market base.”

Hints of this new direction have already been glimpsed by the public, including the excessively gluttonous Glutos Orscollion and the excessively creepy Symbaresh Twinsouls. The lack of survivors from these sightings is considered a mixed win by the Slaaneshi hierarchy, and they are currently developing ways to keep the orgy of violence going will still allowing for organic grassroots awareness of their campaign.

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