Sigmar founding armies, never completing them

After months of investigative work by the journalists of the Azyr Weekly, we can exclusively reveal to you Sigmar’s bizarre and wasteful practice of starting armies without ever intending to complete them.

We have recovered a stack of documents, known as the pile of shame, containing requisition orders, heraldry designs, and other sundry papers related to the founding of new stormhosts and Freeguild regiments. However checking these against existing records has shown that very few, if any, have ever entered active service. Some of the forces have been assembled but there is little evidence that any effort was put into their uniforms or accoutrements, leaving them without their regimental colours.

When confronted over the pile of shame Sigmar has been defensive, claiming that he intends to finish them eventually. He insists that he sold some off to others to finish, including an entire Free City to Morathi. Sigmar declined to confirm which one.

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