Special Issue: Editor of Azyr Weekly actually man from alternate dimension

In a revelation that has shocked the Mortal Realms, it has been revealed that the editor of the Azyr Weekly is not all he claims to be. Anonymous sources claim that, rather than a loyal Azyrite, he is a man from an alternate dimension known as ‘Earth’.

This Realm of Dirt, as the Collegiate Arcane have begun to refer to it, seems to exist on an entirely different plane to the Mortal Realms. The laws of physics seem not to apply in this Dirt Realm, with the waving of hands and chanting of words creating humourous rather than mystical effects. 

How this man managed to reach the peak of the esteemed establishment that is the Azyr Weekly remains a mystery, as is his knowledge of occurrences within the Realms. Theories stretch from a series of lucky guesses, to a sort of omniscience, to the Editor having an almost god-like ability to cause events to occur as they see fit. 

Erring on the side of pragmatism the staff of the Weekly have decided to keep this mystery man on as Editor, at least until the foreseeable future. Whether they had any choice in the matter remains to be seen.

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