Local Mortarch not told good joke for a hundred years

Surprising no one, the infamous Mortarch of Night has hit a century of being utterly unfunny. One of his defenders, Flint Heraldor, had this to say:

‘Look, I admit he hasn’t been doing great in the jokes department, but he really is giving it his best. He’ll land one sooner or later.’

This sentiment has not gone far with the Supreme Necromancer, with our sources informing us that Nagash is considering punishing Mannfred if he doesn’t tell a good joke soon. Potential punishments range from a painful disintegration to the wearing of a dunce cap.

We approached Arkhan the Black for comment, and received only a ‘Knock, Knock’ joke in return. Although we can confirm that it is riotously funny, we have pledged not to retell it until Arkhan tries it out on Nagash himself.

The Order of Azyr recommends that citizens avoid the Realm of Death for the near future, and that residents of Shysian Free Cities be on the lookout for practical jokes and potential ‘zingers’. Under no circumstances should anyone pull Mannfred’s finger if offered.

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