Azyr prepares for annual aelf invasion

Preparations are well underway for the most dreaded event of the year; the annual raid by the cruel aelf corsair Santar.

For the past 20 years Santar has attacked small, outlying towns and hamlets, sacking them and burning them to the ground. He leads an army of aelves bedecked in bells and brightly coloured clothes, travelling in a great red sky-ship.

Lord-Castellent Kramp, of the Anvils of the Heldenhammer, had the following advice:

‘If you see Santar’s sky-ship, or hear his mad cackling, get indoors and contact your local stormkeep. On no account should you leave offerings of food or drink out for him. We believe that these only make him stronger. And most importantly, stay calm. He’s only an aelf, and will be captured by Sigmar’s chosen in due course.’

When asked for confirmation that Santar carries with him a large sack of treasure which he gifts to anyone able to best him in single combat, Kramp refused to comment.

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