‘Bad Moon’ potentially made of stinky cheese, say experts

Several scholars have submitted a treatise to the Azyrite Conference of Lunar Research proposing that, rather than a conglomeration of fell and evil magic, the Bad Moon is actually made of stinky cheese. Our reporter was on the scene as they explained their findings.

‘It is obvious,’ explained head scholar Ketch Man-Thing. ‘Bad Moon yellow, Bad Moon make brave soldiers scared-flee, Bad Moon made of stinky cheese’.

When asked about the possible ramifications of such a discovery, Ketch yielded the floor to his associates. 

‘If Bad Moon stinky cheese,’ began Tak Furr-Tail. ‘Then we must make ship to take-steal it.’

‘We must do this before evil-bad Chaos. Do it for Sigmar, yes-yes.’

The scholars have since unveiled plans for a motorised, iron vessel which they intend to land on the Bad Moon. They have been granted funding and practical assistance from the Special Research division of the Collegiate Arcane, who are supportive of the mission.

‘Rocket-ship very fast, very good for flying’ confirmed the head of the Special Research division Fitch Notarat. ‘Rocket-ship bring back Stinky Cheese, share with all ally-friends!’

The rocketship, named Blight One, is due to launch sometime in the coming week.

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