Ogors try adding gunpowder to artillery, reap benefits

A technological breakthrough for the Mawtribes this week as Gutsmiths begin to remove the compressed-air canisters from their Ironblasters and replace them with packets of gunpowder. The resultant explosions are reportedly highly impressive, and have given the Mawtribes a significant advantage on the battlefield.

“Don’t know why we didn’t think of it earlier,” admitted veteran Leadbelcher Hurgagg Blastguts. “Thought blackpowder was just gritty seasoning until a Gnoblar tried to toast it.”

This new discovery is set to take the Warglutts by storm, and propel the Underguts in particular to new levels of power and respect. Beastclaw Raider tribes have reportedly taken to experimenting with the powder to launch their Stonehorns even higher, a truly worrying development for their enemies but an entertaining one for the ogors themselves.

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