Army of Gnoblars immediately routed – “There was nothing I could do”

Disturbances in the Realm of Ghur this morning as Gurlog Gitkicker, Ogor Tyrant, expresses his dismay at having his legions destroyed minutes after starting battle. His disappointment is immense, and the fact that he decided to field an army consisting entirely out of gnoblars has yet to factor into his analysis.

“It’s supposed to be a fair fight,” insisted Gitkicker. “Something is broken when an Ogor can’t raise an army of tiny gits and take on the world with it.”

His compatriots have run the gamut from understanding to frustrated, indicating that this has not been the first time that Gitkicker has chosen such an unorthodox strategy. “Last time we was on the Mawpath he just took a fistfull of Stonehorns and stuck ‘em right on the line. Purple Sun drifted over, blasted ‘alf of ‘em to ash. He ‘ates magic now, you never ‘ear the end of it.”

Gitlicker has rejected offers of advice from his fellow Ogors, vowing to walk his own path no matter what the naysayers might think. His next daring adventure is reportedly to adopt a pair of Aleguzzler Gargants into his force, a move described as ‘bold’ and ‘certainly unique’ by commentators.

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