Special Issue: Skink beats odds, slays metallic daemon

After an apocolyptic series of duels, melees, and catastrophic clashes of wit and skill, the skink chief Ga’in’ga’za has triumphed over the mythical beast known only as the Golden Daemon.

The result was a surprise to those who had predicted the battle to go to an individual of more imposing stature and brawn. However the combat was as much a contest of skill as it was of strength, and the clever skink was able to claim the prize through dexterous use of agility and refined technique.

When we approached Ga’in’ga’za in the wake of his victory, we asked for his response to those who said that his size meant that he didn’t deserve the win. Unfortunately our interpreter was unable to make it, so all we understood were the terms for ‘birthing parent’ and ‘the previous night’, followed by what we gathered was a laugh. Hopefully our readers at home can make sense of it.

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