Colour scheme fundamental to battlefield performance, say experts

An extensive survey of the Stormcast Eternals has just been completed measuring a range of factors, from success in the field to general feelings of wellbeing. While the results are being collated one finding has immediately been brought to the public’s attention: the colour of a Stormcast’s armour will significantly affect how they perform during wartime.

“Oh it’s been something of an open secret for some time,” confided Pabla Esabco, contracted colourist for the Stormcast. “You paint ‘em gold, they start hanging around battlefield objectives. Paint ‘em silver, and their Liberators start whacking things before they get zapped back up to Azyr. There’s no explaining it, but it’s the truth.”

Further study has unveiled an even darker truth; many Stormhosts are painting themselves in unique, never-seen-before heraldry in order to tap into forbidden pigmancy and acquire the power of colours whenever they so choose. This allows them to fight in the style of the Anvils of the Heldenhammer one day, and the Knights Excelsior the next. How this is achieved is a closely guarded secret, and is keenly sought by the witch-hunters of the Order of Azyr.

Some have questioned whether this magic should be made common practice, and the Stormhosts able to harness whichever powers are best suited for their battles at the time. Pushback has been limited but passionate, with detractors arguing that the lack of consistency will make it harder for spectators to understand the ebb and flow of battle. Most generals however agree that this can be overcome with some simple, clear communication.

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