Blightking feels well, skips battle

Embarrassment in Nurgle’s legions today as we receive word that Gorgulch the Wartful, Blightking, has excused himself from an upcoming battle due to feeling perky and ‘on the ball’.

“I’m really sorry guys,” reads a note exclusively obtained by the Azyr Weekly. “I haven’t leaked any pus from my boils all night, and they’re even drier this morning. I don’t think I’ll be any use at the battle today, and I’m worried about not spreading anything.”

Exalted Spokesdaemons from Nurgle’s Garden have refused to comment directly on the matter, only issuing a statement that reiterates Nurgle’s commitment to a diseased and rotting workforce. Gorgulch has also avoided our reporters, laying low while he recuperates.

The cause for Gorgulch’s situation is unknown, but may be the result of a proposed Anti-Plague being prepared by the Clans Pestilens. Rumours have it that this sickness reverses sicknesses sourced from Grandfather Nurgle, with the goal of later replacing them with Great Horned Rat-approved illnesses. Publications labelling this supposed plague a treatment have been labelled as ‘lies-slander’ by the Plague Priests.

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