Beasts of Chaos reform herds, Bestigor joined by Goodigor and Worstigor.

After several years of scheming and primordial conferences, the Beasts of Chaos have finally agreed on a new structure to be applied across all the Greatfrays. 

Previously the Bestigor reigned supreme amongst the rank-and-file, lording over the regular Gor and dominating the Ungor. However feedback received by the Beastlords indicated that although the top of the ladder was intuitively named, there was no clear differentiator between the lower two ranks. It was this thinking that led to the new system which, in descending order of horn size, now goes Bestigor, Goodigor, Worstigor.

“It’s a very clever system, as Greatfrays go,” confirmed local goat herder and Beastman expert Riyan Kouch. “The beauty of it is the room it allows to expand. I would not be surprised if in the future we see units like Fantasticigor or Notgreatbutnotterribligor taking the field.”

The Worstigors are not particularly happy with the development, indicating that they preferred the previously ambiguous naming regime. They have begun to organise to protest the change, a move which could perhaps threaten civil war amongst the Herds.

Editor’s Note: Tensions have been defused through canny maneuvering by the Great Bray-Shamans. The skirmishers previously known as Ungor Raiders have been renamed Usefuligors, creating a new tier of Gor and taking the wind out of the Worstigors’ revolutionary sails.

“It’s just not the same” – Tzeentchian hosts lament disappearance of Changehost

Some time has passed since Sigmar revealed his new rules of war to the Realms, and many factions are now enjoying the refreshed and updated flow of battle. Not so for the Disciples of Tzeentch, who have quickly become mired in nostalgia for their old formations.

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Expectations Dashed: Excess mobs of Kruelboyz, Stormcast pillage countryside

The arrival of the Kruelboyz, alongside the Stormcast Eternals meant to fight them, was long anticipated to be a flop. Many citizens of the Realms did not believe that Kragnos could rouse enough Kruelboyz out of their swamps to prove a challenge, nor that Sigmar and Grungni would forge enough Thunderstrike armour to outfit their new Stormcast. Both predictions have been proven horrifically wrong.

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