Sigmar forbids entry into Golden Demon, cites daemonic influence

After a weekend celebrating creative expression and artistic perfection, painters of the Mortal Realms have been blindsided by a declaration from Sigmar forbidding them from entering the vaunted Golden Demon competition.

“It should have happened much sooner,” confirmed an insider close to Sigmar. “It’s right in the name. The Golden Demon? We should have been arresting people years ago.”

Supporters have brushed off the accusation, claiming that the name is just an edgy, attention-getting name playing on the phrase ‘the devil is in the details’. However they have been unable to explain why the winner of the event is given a replica of Archaon’s infamous weapon ‘the Slayer of Kings’.

If you know somebody that competed in or visited the Golden Demon competition, be on the lookout for the following signs:

  • The possession of demonic iconography, potentially referred to as ‘finalist pins’
  • Displaying the ability to discern shades of colour invisible to a mortal eye
  • Discussing with fellow attendees how to take their work to the ‘next level’ (presumably referring to the tiers of favour offered by their ruinous patrons)

Should your friend or loved one begin showing any of these symptoms, it is your duty to alert the Order of Azyr immediately.

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