Ghur drained of energy, excess Krondspine use blamed

A realm long feared and respected for its animalistic savagery, Ghur has been the target of many factions seeking to weaponise its energy in the form of Krondspine Incarnates. This Krondrush has continued for weeks, and has had the unfortunate result of leaving Ghur wasted and lifeless.

“We haven’t had a decent earthquake for days,” reported a Ghurish local. “And I haven’t been attacked by a roaming shrug since last Zenithus. Something is definitely not right.”

Factions have been quick to hurl accusations at one another. The Orruk Warclans, one of the few races to thrive in Ghur, have accused others of spreading their ‘weediness and ungreen ways’ and poisoning the soul of the Realm. The Sylvaneth meanwhile insist that non-sustainable harvesting of Ghurish energy has led to the realm’s detriment. Nagash meanwhile has claimed the seeming death of the realm as a victory, insisting this was all a part of his Great Work.

The Collegiate Arcane have issued advice to all those who wish to see Ghur rejuvenated, namely to stop trying to summon Krondspines at every possible opportunity. The experts have indicated that not only will this allow the realm to recover, but it will also have the added benefit of letting warlords feel better about themselves and their battles.

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