Gods, heroes living in fear of Purple Sun

A new day has dawned on the Mortal Realms with the rising of the Purple Sun of Shyish. Historically regarded as a mystical oddity, the amethyst sphere has recently gained a deadly new luminescence that it is using to scour the Realms of all heroic life.

“I barely got out of there alive,” confided a Goddess of Life who wished to stay anonymous. “It slew everyone around me! Or at least one in every six around me… Either way, there’s no way I’m facing that thing again!”

Nagash has invited a group of deities and other heroes to Shyish to find a way of destroying the Purple Sun’s power for good. Gordrakk’s suggestion to try and ambush it during the night was initially laughed off, but is gaining growing acceptance as other attendees fail to suggest any viable alternatives. A suggestion by Kroak that they simply dispel the entity was met with boos and rotten eggs.

Morathi-Khaine, who is reportedly immune to the spell’s effects, was not present at the conclave and was unavailable for comment. Rumours have her being chased through Ulgu by a swarm of flying swords.

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