Krondspine ownership out of reach for struggling warlords

The manifestion of the Krondspine Incarnate, a living symbol of the ferocity of Ghur, has set the Realms aflame, with generals from all factions discussing the potential benefits of binding one of their very own. However many have been hesitant to join the conversation as they realise that their financial reserves are insufficient to join the party.

“It’s a blow to the ego, that’s for sure,” confirmed a warlord who spoke to us anonymously. “You want to be on the cutting edge of military science and engage with these new developments, but it seems like they are increasingly out of reach.”

The high cost of binding a Krondspine has been put down to the necessity of owning at least several square kilometres of Ghurish real estate, a lack of which will result in the Krondspine refusing to appear. Why this is the case is uncertain, though some have suggested this is a move by Sigmar to encourage his colonisation efforts and create the impression of a booming housing market in the Realm of Beasts.

Wily generals have taken matters into their own hands and begun to construct their own Krondspines, many utilising a magical resin to form a rough approximation. Others have begun lashing bones together with twine and sinew, binding a pair of Ravenak’s Gnashing Jaws to one end to complete the look. Many claim that their creations perform just as well as the real thing, or even better, at a fraction of the cost. What effect this will have on the appearance of future Incarnates, or Ghurish land values, remains to be seen.

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