Special Issue: Demand for war exceeds expectations, overwhelms booking system

Despite assurances that the system could handle any load, excited generals have overwhelmed the ticketing system set up for the upcoming Battle of the Canned Cone.

A two-day clash on the Boiling Plains of Aqshy, the Battle of the Canned Cone has been hailed as one of the largest battles of the campaigning season. Commanders from around the Realms had been excited to prove their mettle in this epic conflict but were met with resistance when attempting to book their place. Spokesperson Cliff the Hammer had this to say:

“Yeah we’re as annoyed as anyone that this happened, but unfortunately we don’t have a lot of control over how the tickets are handed out. There’s not a lot we can do. Sit tight and you should be able to confirm your place soon.”

An investigation by the Azyr Weekly has confirmed that the issue arose due to the Aqshian heat setting fire to messenger pigeons being used by the ticketing agency. They have since been replaced by messenger squigs who have been handling the heat much better. Cliff has advised that if any generals are still having trouble booking their place they should try turning their squigs on and off again.

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