Hammers of Sigmar in legal battle with DIY shop

Sigmar’s favoured stormhost has run into legal trouble as they face litigation over a trademark held by a hardware store in Azyrheim.

Hammers of Sigmar, the store, has launched proceedings against the stormhost claiming that the shared name has harmed their reputation.

“Over the past months, Hammers of Sigmar [the store] has encountered an increasing number of pilgrims, warriors, and other undesirables visiting the store. These visitors scare off existing customers, and do not make any purchases.”

Vandus Hammerhand, famed Lord-Celestant of the Hammers of Sigmar, has declined to comment. However there have been reports of him meeting with several Knights-Litigant from several different stormhosts, and a response is expected shortly.

Note: Since publication the Hammers of Sigmar store have dropped their lawsuit due to their sudden assault and subsequent destruction by a Chaos warband. Khorgus Khul has been approached for comment.

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