Siege Watch: Day 33 – Adoring gangs continue to camp outside Varanspire

The siege enters its thirty-third day as fanatical gangs of Chaos worshippers crowd outside the Varanspire, hoping to catch a glimpse of their favourite warlord.

“It’d be a dream come true,” said an Iron Legionnaire. “We’ve all been dreaming of this, so to have the opportunity now really is quite something.”

For readers who have missed earlier reports, the siege began when Archaon Everchosen, the Grand Marshall of the Apocalypse, returned to the Varanspire to consolidate from his recent campaigns. The response to his return was instantaneous and hundreds of warbands stopped their ongoing conflicts to come see their long-time hero.

“I hate the Untamed Beasts as much as the next Golem,” said the Legionnaire. “But we’ve been camping out with them as we wait, and they’re actually nice guys. Great cooks.”

Archaon however has not appreciated the attention, and has not left the Spire for the entire 33 days. Varanguard have been seen in the markets buying food known to be favoured by the Marshall. Rumours that he had appeared at a window were soon tracked down to a Cypher Lords warband, who were swiftly beaten to death.

The Gaunt Summoners released a statement yesterday requesting that all the warbands disperse immediately:

“The Exalted Grand Marshal has been engaged in a decades long struggle fighting against the lackeys of Order, and desires some rest and recuperation. Although your adoration is appreciated, it is not currently wanted at this time. Disperse immediately, or your souls are forfeit”

The warbands however have shown no signs of going away, and have begun building more permanent shelters and lookout posts. Our sources indicate that Archaon has recently lodged a noise complaint with the Chaos Gods, and we’ll bring you more updates as they happen. 

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