‘Chaos isn’t what it used to be’ complains Cult Leader

Reports have been received from the Varanspire that experienced gang leaders are disappointed with the new influx of recruits.

“Back in my day we’d be up before dawn claiming skulls for Khorne, and we’d take whatever we could get,” raged Silkar the Bloody-Handed. “But nowadays it’s all ‘Are the skulls ethically sourced?’ and ‘Is this sustainable in the long-term?’ It’s sickening”

Our resident Chaos expert, Karen, explained that this although frustrating it is likely to be part of the natural order of things.

“Chaos is all about unpredictability, you see. So it’s perfectly reasonable for the next generation of worshippers to have a different set of expectations around what it means to be ‘Chaotic’”.

Eye-witness accounts seem to back this idea, with increasing numbers of soy-bean plantations being seeded around the Eight-Points and apparent surge in the use of mindfulness techniques amongst warbands.

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