Massive jump in youth joining gangs

Over the past month there has been a notable increase in the youth of Azyr leaving home and joining Chaos gangs. Many are blaming the economic disruption caused by the Necroquake for removing opportunities for young people, but some dispute this.

‘In my opinion the root cause of the situation is obvious’ explained Hervis Hohnson, a local expert. ‘Chaos gangs simply provide a visceral, exciting way of life for today’s youth’.

‘I talk to parents a lot about this, and it’s a win/win for everyone. A kid can either spend their day alone indoors, reading books or staring at a wall… Or they can be engaging with friends, learning real-world skills, and having fun doing it!’

Detractors of Hohnson have mounted a fierce opposition to his claims, citing the corrupting influence of the gangs, their savage propensity for murder, and the significant cost of getting involved.

‘Yes, the initial cost is higher than other hobbies’ admits Hohnson. ‘But I think they’ll find that after the initial initiation you can get a lot of use out of your initial gang’

Hervis Johnson was last spotted encouraging youths in downtown Azyrheim, apparently encouraging them to join gangs. He was heard to promise the availability of new gangs in the near future, and offered the opportunity to paint a free helmet that the youngsters could take home with them.

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