New Greenskin cult heralds previously unknown ‘Bork’ deity

The Azyr Deiological College has been in an uproar recently over the discovery of a new greenskin god named Bork.

Theologians are as of yet unclear as to where Bork worship might have come from but there are signs it might have originated through contact with dog-worshipping tribes in Ghur.

“Obviously it’s hard to tell with Greenskins” confirmed Head Divinist Hersha Mar. “But there are striking similarities between Borkship and the Dog-Cults.”

Some of these similarities include orruks referring to each other as ‘good boyz’, a tendency towards giving each other pats rather than punches, and an increased propensity in engaging in kilometers long ‘Waaaaaalks’.

The Deiological College discourages anyone from travelling through the Ghurish wilds at this time. In cases where travel is unavoidable they recommend that one carry a dozen small green balls with them. When thrown these have proven effective at distracting Bork worshippers, and could save your life.

Editors Note: The Azyr Deiological College wishes to retract this advice, due to several instances of Bork worshippers attempting to return these balls with violent results. Research into used socks is underway and we will update this article once the trials are concluded.

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