’Honestly, we have no idea what’s going on’ report Slaan

Long regarded as beings of mystery and enigma, the rarefied Slann have revealed that they know a lot less then they have been letting on.

‘At first, we thought we thought we were celestial beings of pure light’ explains Lord Gemba. ‘But then we realised that we live on giant spaceships? And things just got more confusing from there.’

Numerous Slann have reported a similar dilemma regarding their reptilian servants, who seem to alternate between being figments of their imagination, avenging heavenly angels, and literal lizards.

Some have drawn parallels to the now mythical ‘Gitmob Grots’, a race of goblins that vanished without a trace many years ago. These individuals propose a conspiracy where Sigmar, or some other god, is able to control reality through the periodical issuing of books.

‘We Slann believe that this theory is, at best, far-fetched’ declared Lord Gemba. ‘But if it is, we would urge that god to lock down our existence as soon as possible’

‘Making our Saurus stronger would be nice as well’ he later added.

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