Freeguild strategist proposes ‘realtime warfare’, ridiculed

Reginald the Oblique, a previously well regarded general in the Freeguilds, is facing mounting scorn in response to his proposal to reform the Sigmarite military.

“I just don’t understand why we wait for the enemy to complete all their actions before we engage in ours! We should strike while they’re unprepared!”

The Council of Freeguilders responded to our questions and advised that ‘The Noble and Gallant Freeguilds of Azyr and the Mortal Realms have engaged in turn-based warfare for centuries, as long as anyone can remember. Our honourable ancestors won great victories in this manner and we do not see any reason to change that’

This is not the first such change that Reginald has proposed, with his earlier petition to the Collegiate Arcane for its wizards to learn more than one spell a battle labelled ‘insane’ and ‘ludicrous’.

Some proposals however have gained some support, as the Azyr High Command recently agreed to consider his proposal to disregard the concept of ‘Victory Points’ and simply ‘Win the bloody battle’.

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