Nagash voted ‘#1 Death God’ four centuries in a row

As predicted by several observers, Nagash, the Supreme Necromancer, has reached the historic achievement of being voted as number one God of Death for four centuries in a row.

This year saw fierce competition between Nagash and unexpected challenger Khorne. 

“Many might see Khorne as an unexpected choice” says noted Death academic Nekromant mit Hut. “But considering the amount of killing that occurs in his name, and his affinity for skulls, an argument can definitely be made for his inclusion”

According to the final tallies Khorne’s support was strongest in Aqshy, and had a significant showing in Ghur as well. However he failed to make significant inroads into Nagash’s heartland of Shyish, which historically has had the highest turnout. 

“In the end it wasn’t a close contest at all” concedes Nekromant. “But I wouldn’t be surprised to see Khorne make a come back next year.” 

According to his spokesperson Arkhan the Black, Nagash intends to celebrate his victory as he does every year, by building an ominous, black, floating pyramid. 

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